Whether it's your journey to the airport, your time inside it, the plane you catch, the hotel you stay at, the bar you drink at or the people you dance with - there's an app for that. Let your phone do all the hard work on your next adventure so you can use your time more wisely, relaxing.



You're stood at the entrance to the airport lounge fumbling through your bursting wallet trying to find the elusive card that will grant you access to the luxuries within, as if finding the darn thing wasn't hard enough you also need to be sure it's the right one... for the right airline... for the right lounge... from the right bank.. where will it end?! The answer is of course, with LoungeBuddy. Simply input your current collection of cards and the app does all the hard work for you, plan your journey, select the airports you'll pass through en route and let your new favourite travel companion tell you which lounges you can enter - an added bonus is the ability to simply pay to enter those that you aren't already entitled to, this is taken care of through a gloriously simple in-app purchase. Happy lounging!




Exclusivity is both a maker and a breaker when it comes to a night out, of course the velvet rope treatment can be quite the ego massage and make for a great evening, however on the flip side if you aren't on first name terms with the right people then chances are your night could feature a lot more queueing and worst still, sobriety! That's where Inlist takes the reigns, whether trying a new spot in London or sampling the nightlife of St. Barths the app has you covered, simply select your desired club and book a table then and there. The inclusion of location info and dress code will also help you to feel right at home, who needs promoters?




Many would have you believe that chartering a private jet was a glamorous affair from start to finish, unfortunately without the aid of a reliable concierge the process can often become something of an arduous tennis game with information/prices/times being batted back and forth repeatedly. The industry was crying out for change and thankfully JetSmarter have replied in style. Intuitive design, instant booking and an in-depth look at individual planes available for your route, the experience is ultimately stress-free and leaves more time for the all important Instagrams, this is surely the future of private aviation.



4. Barchick

You're 5 whiskies deep, your friends are in town and you're keen to impress them with your unrivalled knowledge of local gems, there's just one problem, you can barely remember your own address never mind the details for the go-to cocktail bar in those lesser known West London Mews - Thank goodness Barchick has your back, the cheeky know-it-all when it comes to dates, dancing and more importantly drinking. Leave it to her to lead you to your local (whichever city that might be in).



5. Hyperlapse

We're all very much professional photographers nowadays thanks to a certain square photo sharing platform. Instagram, the brains behind said platform have decided that it's now high time we were all Hollywood level directors and videographers too. If there's one thing more visually arresting than a slow motion action shot then it's undoubtedly a timelapse of your adventures and escapades, because hey, why not squeeze in as much as technologically possible? Think: New York rush-hour, sunset over the Indian Ocean or simply the extra speedy devouring of Oysters in Brazil. The world is quite literally your (sped-up) Oyster.



6. Luxe City Guides

Living like a local is of course the ultimate aim of any traveller, you want to know about all the hot-spots and of course how to avoid the not-so-hots. It's an insight that is lacking in most guidebooks and is more often than not knowledge exclusive to very regular visitors or locals. This is where Luxe City Guides step in, informal straight to the point tips, tricks and recommendations about where to find the city's concealed marvels.



7. Uber

A private driver is of course one of the most universally useful luxuries a person can have, to be chauffeured from meeting to meeting (or party to party) in a luxurious vehicle without the hassles of parking, maintenance and general driving fatigue is something of a dream. That said, it doesn't come without it's own troubles, or at least it didn't until Uber. At the click of a button there will be a shiny black car waiting outside for you ready to whisk you off to your destination of choice - whichever city that may be in. With an ever growing list of participating cities and intriguing updates (Spotify & helicopters?!) it really is all in the name. 



8. A Small World

Travelling is as much about meeting and mixing with new people as it is about exploration, after all there's only so many times you can justify drinking champagne alone. A Small World is one of the longest running and most exclusive social networks so if you can't find someone worth drinking with on the "Meet up" section of the app then perhaps you're better off as a hermit. Not only does the app supply you with new friends but also an array of bar, club and dining recommendations to keep you all happy. Perfect.



9. Airbnb

We are of course hotel devotees but sometimes you crave a little more privacy and perhaps a little more space, in this scenario look no further than Airbnb. One of the worlds fastest growing travel companies with a really rather mesmerising array of properties, ranging from plush ski chalets to chic Parisian penthouses, there really is something for everyone. The gleefully simple-to-use app makes searching and booking a doddle meaning more time to plan your partying.



10. Getmyboat

Another "why didn't I think of that?" idea realised in a beautifully simple way, GetMyBoat enables you to do exactly that - get a boat. In fact, the app enables users to charter luxury yachts, speedboats and jetskis that have been listed by their owners in an ever growing number of global destinations. Whether you're after a super yacht in Cannes or a river cruise in London the simple reservation system is a breeze, there's options for captain, crew and a whole host of extras ranging from water skiing to whale watching although we imagine the latter isn't guaranteed in all locations.