For all of our excessive moaning – there really was a lot of it – winter rolled on by without too much of a fuss. In between long-haul tan top-ups and snow seeking closer to home, spring did what spring does best. It sprung. Fresh with the promise of exploration, indulgence and new experiences. But, and it's a big but, as with last spring and every spring that went before it, things flew by just a little bit too swiftly. That rooftop yoga course? Finished. Those long rides through the forest? A none starter. And don't even mention the diving certificate. Thankfully, Mother Nature is a forgiving soul and is offering you a second chance. Make the most of your summer with our pick of the best adventure destinations the world has to offer.


Sumba, Indonesia


You know those annoying types who insist on doing absolutely everything and do so with ease? That's Nihiwatu defined. You've got a private beach that's nothing short of legendary, the option to explore the bush on horseback, bike or foot. Oh and there's yoga and Pilates classes overlooking the ocean. All that without even a mention of the unbridled luxury, unfaltering service and all out ambience.



Megève, France


We've said it before and we'll say it again, visit your favourite ski destination in the off season. Megeve's Alpaga is a prime example of how right it can be to go at the 'wrong' time of year. Hiding among pine trees and wild flowers, the hotel sits patiently, waiting to welcome you back after a long day's walking, biking or swimming. 


Farmhouse Inn

California Wine Country, USA


Few things say summer adventure like a Cali road trip. It's a right of passage the world over and a damn cool way to spend the season. Farmhouse Inn is a great starting point for any trip, and come to think of it, it's a great place to end too. Whether you're making plans on the porch or reminiscing by the fire pit,  this place will have you feeling at home. Take advantage of the 'wine passport' and get out to explore some of the local wineries.


Kasbah du Toubkal 

Atlas Mountains, Morocco


Speak to the locals in the surrounding area and you'll notice a sense of pride in this upscale eco-lodge. Yes, the vistas are magnificent and the access to The High Atlas is second to none, but the sense of warmth alludes to the way in which the hotel has helped the local community through donations. For each mountain bike excursion and guide that's booked, a percentage goes on to help fund local schools and a reliable ambulance service. Adventure served with a side of philanthropy.


Likuliku Lagoon Resort 

Fiji Islands, Fiji


One for the aquatically assured, Likuliku Lagoon (which translates as ‘calm waters’) is a haven for watersports and swimming. Stay in one of the over-water bures for direct ladder access to the ocean and once you're acquainted with Big Blue, dive into snorkelling sessions, reef tours, wake boarding and jet skiing. After a long day larking around, make the most of the Tatadra Spa and its serene ocean-meets-forest setting. 


Post Ranch Inn 

Big Sur, United States


Going back to Cali – you're likely to have seen this sunset before and it's not difficult to see why. Plastered across Instagram, travel blogs and everywhere inbetween, it would be easy to disregard Post Ranch Inn as a one-dimensional beauty, but this cliffside haven is as eco-aware as they come. After a challenging hike, returning to your suite, hewn out of salvaged redwood, is a treat only made sweeter by the roaring log fires. What better way to spend those dark, starry nights? 



Norrbotten County, Sweden


Anybody who dismisses the allure of treehouses is either a liar or a someone worth avoiding. With that in mind, it's time to get excited. Treehotel is the unrivalled king of the forest with an outlandish collection of lofty lodgings perched high above the forest floor. Deciding between the UFO, the mirrored cube and the nest is one thing but choosing the pursuits for the afternoon ahead is a whole other challenge. Will it be white water rafting, zip-lining and or horse riding through the woodland?


If that hasn't satisfied your thirst for adventure then A: Who are you?! And B: Head over to to find more inspiration for the coming months. Rumour has it that you'll get a free gift…