Stella McCartney and Adidas have paired up once again, this time to bring you an eclectic athletic array of workout wear, perfectly timed to assist you in your New Year’s pursuit of perfection.

When it comes to sportswear everybody knows that the rule is “the bolder, the better”, thankfully, Stella has us covered. The collection plays host to a rainbow of hues and a mash-up of products ranging from tank-tops to trucker caps and pretty much everything in between. Perfect.

“It takes the Stella girl from the campus to the club and finds a link in sport and technology without sacrificing style.” Says Stella of the collection. “There are signature moments, like our new self-laced sneakers, that give individual personality. These pieces are designed to complement your life and be totally realistic that fashion and sport technology are here to stay as a huge part of our life and wardrobes, and this is the attitude we are shouting about.”

The collection is available to purchase from the 15th January on the Adidas website