The ultimate summer soiree… 

You're earnestly trying to concentrate on Benedict Cumberbatch's riveting tale of lunch but quite honestly you're finding it difficult – Suki and Immy Waterhouse are darting backwards and forwards with photographers in tow. Then there's Mark Ronson provoking unmentionable dance-moves with 70's funk, and wait, is that Alexa Chung sauntering past… has her dress got naked ladies on?!

The Serpentine Summer Party has swiftly become the social event of the season and it's not hard to see why. In part, it's due to the unique setting alongside the ever changing pavilion, though most probably, it's because of the ever-growing list of beautiful attendees. Determined to outdo itself once again, this year the party was hosted by Christopher Kane, who dressed a number of guests and was the brains behind Alexa's attention-commanding number. 

Between selfies and stiff drinks, the crowd found time to reward Ronson's set with whoops, cheers and some serious booty-shaking. Revellers adamant on continuing past sundown found themselves after-partying at Annabel's and were whisked there as if by the magic of disco.