As the newly coined saying goes, when in Rome, live like royalty. And where better to start than with your very own Palazzo? Palazzo Manfredi stands proudly on the edge of the Oppian Hill gardens with unrivalled views of the Coliseum. Worthy selling point this may be - but sole perk it is not.

The hotel's lobby offers instant respite from the herds and heat of the city and subtly hints at the luxury contained within. As your luggage seemingly evaporates (only to reappear in your suite), the ever-friendly staff lead you through marble corridors and out on to the terrace. The view is truly overwhelming. Brace yourself for a panorama of the Coliseum, Imperial Consort and all sorts of other historical wonders in and amongst the postcard spots.

Time to head inside; but fear not, you won't be leaving the Coliseum behind. If you're clever you'll have booked the Suite Colosseum, which, to put it lightly is magnificent. Ruled by light, it spans multiple levels and appears to extend infinitely through an astute use of mirrors and windows.

If anything can tear you away from the view it'll be the huge sunken whirlpool bath, artfully placed to enable the sipping of champagne with the your soundtrack of choice on the Philippe Starck speakers. If this doesn't sound quite enough, perhaps your own steam room and collection of delicately scented orchids and televisions will help? Although why you'd favour these over the view from your window we can't imagine.

Finding a contemporary hotel carefully woven into Rome's historically rich fabric is rare; finding one that does so with such ease is golden.


Best room: The Suite Colosseum, without a shadow of a doubt. Although the majority of rooms look out across the Flavian Amphitheatre.

Dress code: In the intense heat of summer, choose light, airy fabrics. Keep things cool in Etro dresses and relaxed resortwear from Richard James

Via Labicana, 125, 00184 Roma, Italy

Phone:+39 06 7759 1380


Via Labicana,  125, 00184 Roma
+39 06 7759 1380

Doubles from £262

Palazzo Manfredi Hotel Review Rome 2015 Discover and Escape

Ruled by light, the sumptuous suite spans multiple levels and seems to extend infinitely through an astute use of mirrors and windows.