Has simplicity ever been more integral to a brands success? The Row's allure lies within the stripped back nature of their pieces, the lack of unnecessary additions and the way in which this allows the garments to move freely across the wearers body. SS15 takes these traits and adds a more international element with the collection channeling the Far East in both form and palette.

The first look, a radiant golden gown that could easily have been imagined so differently, was swathed across the model in such a carefree outline that it instantaneously conjured up nostalgic visions of foreign lands. This is a feeling that remained present throughout and evolved gradually through rich seasonal tones and subtle adaptations to familiar silhouettes.

When it came to detail the loose knots of fabric were as bold as it got and there was not a zip, button or fastener in sight, a refreshing attribute from a brand that so regularly goes against the waves. Highlights were the deep-necked dresses and playsuits, with the cream ankle length jacket more a necessity than just an enticing layer. It's safe to say The Row is still nothing less than a leader when it comes to simplified luxury.