Creating something that feels effectively effortless, unfortunately requires much more effort than one would imagine. It is therefore a rare occurrence to find a collection that gives of as much of a nonchalant vibe as Marissa Webb's - to emit this cool feel whilst still remaining elegant and chic, well that catapults you into Marant territory. 

Continuing with the white-out theme, (a recurring SS15 motif that we are thankful for! ) the first looks played heavily with textures and cuts giving familiar pieces an updated silhouette, an area furthered by careful attention to detail, meaning zips buttons and intricate laser cut-outs were plentiful.

As the show went on something of a colour evolution took place moving from white to black and back again through military greens and deep indigo with some faded denim and bold orange thrown in for good measure. It was the cropped, belted and zipped jackets where the splashes of colour felt the strongest and when paired with the laid-back white skirting it's easy to predict street style gold.