"Less is more" can feel like an all-to-easy summary and though perhaps true of Wu's latest collection, maybe "less" doesn't quite do the beauty of his show justice. To be more precise, less sparkle and less shock has given way to more refinement, more careful consideration and a more beautiful overall picture. 

Not to say that there has been any loss of excitement - deep cut necklines, backless gowns and thigh high skirt slashes will turn heads for all the right reasons, while the muted palette keeps the more daring pieces sultry yet sophisticated enough for the none-catwalkers out there. Not to say they didn't look rather visually arresting on Karlie Kloss, Julia Nobis and Caroline Brasch Nielsen to name but a few of the top ranking cast.

Amongst the subtle olive, navy and cream tones of the collection a recurring brushstroke print stood out as a refreshing reminder of camouflage, without feeling quite so contrived. The pieces adorned with the print generally felt like the stand out items and will undoubtedly be appearing in editorials and street style shots before you know it.