White is the new black, you heard it here first! Okay well probably not first, but all the same - this is important news. Leading the white-on-white pack this season is Chadwick Bell showcasing a beautifully pared back collection of basics mixed with floor length gowns, the latter of which still manage to remain wearable no matter the occasion through a refreshing use of tactile fabrics and a relaxed silhouette.

The minimalist collection draws inspiration from Whitewash, a photobook of contemporary Los Angeles architecture by Nicholas Alan Cope. The inspiration is most apparent in the clean-cut lines, high contrast monochrome and a distinctly futuristic feel throughout the collection.

In something of a switch-up in style the collection also plays host to some sleek leather-wear and belting reminiscent of Celiné offerings we've seen in the past. Along with the leather there's also a subtle 70's palette introduced gradually and giving you yet more reason to invest in a Chadwick Bell wardrobe, it's safe to say that the collection will soon be your new go-to for layering.