London, England

A lion, a crocodile and a writer are in a bar... No, this isn't the beginning of an avant-garde joke. It's a factual, albeit not all-telling, description of Mr Fogg's. One of Mayfair's hottest hangouts, it's packed to the rafters with refined media types, restless city-boys and resting (stuffed) big game.

Crouching beneath a concrete jigsaw on Bruton Street, Fogg's stands out from the get go. A surly doorman and a hefty door-knocker hint at the world inside. Location considered, things get pretty busy, so pre-booking makes sense. Once you're in, you'll journey back to the 1800's and spend your evening among the collections of the devastatingly well-travelled Phileas Fogg - a chap with a visible penchant for taxidermy and trinkets.

Beneath a weathered hot-air balloon basket, sits the impressive copper bar, awaiting predatory orders. To say that it's well-stocked would be a disservice; this really is an A-Z compendium of liquors. Clearly not satisfied with the alphabet, Fogg's recently launched an extended Around the World in 80 Days menu, with — you guessed it — a innovative line-up of destination-inspired drinks.  

Try the Trans-Siberian Express: a vodka-heavy concoction sweetened with crème de framboise and topped up with Moët, or order a Royal Coffee Maker to share - you're sure to leave happy.


Mr Fogg's
15 Bruton Lane, Mayfair, London W1J 6JD