"Wait, I thought this was the Daks show?" Yes we heard it said, and yes we saw it on Twitter. A tired remark it may well be, but the source of such shock was clear. Filippo Scuffi has ruffled more than a few feathers this season by eschewing the famous house check, an undeniably bold but equally admirable move.

It takes confidence  to make the same theme and ideas work season after season (something that Daks have done with the upmost skill we might well add!) but it takes even more confidence to shy away from a format that you know works in search for something new. We may not be the first to say it, but we certainly won't be the last: Filippo, it has more than paid off!

SS15 was an unquestionably feminine collection showcasing flattering shapes and graceful textures whilst still paying homage to the house through gentle pleating and the occasional collar. More of the same from other classic houses please... and by the same we mean change of course!