An alpine ski lodge atop of Selfridges complete with blankets, hot chocolate cocktails and a heartwarming menu. When can we move in?!

Escaping London is at the forefront of most minds at this dull, dreary and downright cold time of year, although if we're being honest, it's not necessarily temperature related. Many of us would be happy to brave the single figures (and less) if it meant some powder snow and aprés ski snacking, in fact, rumour has it that some individuals lust over the hottest ski destinations for the food alone... Scandalous! Anyway, no more fumbled excuses for your excursions and no more winter blues, we've found you the alpine dining hub of your dreams and it's right here in the city.

If Le Chalet has taught us anything it's that Des McDonald should never be doubted, not under any circumstances. We daren't imagine our retort had someone proposed such a wildly audacious idea as an alpine ski lodge complete with ambitiously hearty menu and hot cocktails to boot as we stood by the decidedly summery BBQ with far-reaching views across a balmy London this Summer. Oh, us of little faith. How it has changed and how it has worked!

Edging your way through the snow tipped branches and ferns has a rather enchangting effect, with each step you're further from chaotic Christmas crowds and closer to untouched pistes and after only a few minutes snuggled under a blanket and after the first sip of your courvousier laced hot chocolate the transformation is complete. The towering buildings outside have turned to pines and naturally, your mind has turned to the food, because as we all know, atmosphere is only half the story.

The menu is as perfectly climatic as you could hope with such a vast array of wintery wonderments on offer that it's a given you'll leave somewhat heavier on your skis. We'd recommend starting with the Cornish crab, having said that, the oxtail and winter root broth is a winner too so perhaps choose both. When it comes to mains we have more of an instruction than a recommendation, we implore you to order the buttermilk chicken schnitzel with blue cheese fondue - rumour has it that the last person not to order it came to a sticky end in the pines... not worth the risk.

If you've got room for dessert (of course you have) then apple streusel tart with lashings of custard is obviously the way to go, swiftly followed by your umpteenth hot chocolate cocktail. By this point you'll be feeling more than a little bit at home amongst the ethereal lighting and soothing scents so might we suggest swerving the red-run and settling in for the night, this technically isn't allowed so good luck - if you manage it however then you'll be rewarded with a superb breakfast menu so it's worth a shot. 

Book your table by calling 0207 318 3287 or head over to see you at the top of the (ski) lift.


Edging your way through the snow tipped branches has a rather enchanting effect, with each step you’re further from chaotic Christmas crowds and closer to untouched pistes
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