Sportswear, denim and more sneakers, a new side to Tom Ford and how "Sexy" is the new casual. 

Tom Ford strolls in to the lavish surroundings of his London show room to greet an intimate selection of buyers and editors, despite his trademark tinted shades and faultless grooming, all eyes immediately pan downwards. What’s this? Jeans?! 

The jeans (immaculately shaped and predictably sharp) are somewhat symbolic of Ford’s new direction, one in which more and more emphasis is being placed upon casual wear and even sneakers. Make no mistake though, Tom Ford casual wear is anything but your average, in fact casual is quite possibly the wrong description entirely “I hate to use the word casual but it’s definitely sexier”.

Quick to address his choice of leg-wear, Ford offers up an anecdote describing the shock he was confronted with when he first entered the London office a few months ago daring to wear denim. “I always wear jeans, but in Santa Fe, and most people don’t see me there”.

It’s not just Tom Ford himself that appears different, the presentation space differs notably from my last visit, looking around the room there is a distinct lack of suiting. Once again Ford is one step ahead and swiftly addresses the absence stating that suiting will feature only briefly in the presentation but will remain an integral part of the brand, SS15 is just simply sexier, as Ford himself would put it of course.

The first two looks alone were enough to cement the quality and success of the collection, on-trend suede jackets and biker boots paired with the new slim fitting jeans designed to equip men of all body types with a slim silhouette. They might sound somewhat magical but you better believe it, available in a mixture of washes along with black and grey the jeans are undoubtedly made to flatter and it would be unfair not to pair them with some of the new cashmere.

I, as many other attendees (read, all) could happily have left with the majority of the collection then and there. Which in itself gives credit to the sheer wearability of the items on show - to put on a presentation that is not only exciting but also highly wearable is no mean feat, to do so year after year? Definitely deserving of recognition, I think we can expect more than a few Tom Ford dedications, shout-outs and name drops in the future.

Words by Louis A W Sheridan

Images courtesy of Tom Ford