Ahead of his famously theatrical LCM show we caught up with Hackett founder Jeremy Hackett to talk inspiration behind the collection

From where have you drawn influence and inspiration for your SS15 collection?

We are sponsors of several sporting events such as polo, rowing, tennis (I am actually writing this whilst at The Queen's tennis, our latest sponsorship) and Aston Martin Racing. We have focused the collection on the spectators who attend all of these occasions and how to dress for the day from a British perspective.

How does the collection differ from past seasons?

As a classical brand, our collection tends to evolve each season and we concentrate on the details and fabrics rather than making radical changes. We like to think that we are one step ahead of our customers, not three steps.

How important is LCM to menswear?

We have been involved with LCM from the beginning and Dylan Jones, the editor of GQ, was instrumental in putting it together and encouraged us to take part. I think it has become a great showcase for London and the menswear scene in general. Every year it gains further recognition.

What inspires you outside of fashion?

I am fond of interior design and photography.

Who is your ideal Hackett customer?

Any man who is interested in classical clothes and puts them together in a stylish fashion.

Which individual, past or present, would you most like to dress?

I would quite like to dress Matthew McConaughey - he's a great actor and very photogenic.

Your shows are somewhat legendary amongst LCM for their theatrical nature. What can we expect to see this season?

We are still putting it together but it will be a touch theatrical which is all part of the fun.

If you could give one piece of sartorial advice to gentlemen everywhere, what would it be?

Keep it simple.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram pages for live updates from Monday's Hackett show. Words by Harriet Charnock-Bates


Jeremy Hackett interview ahead of his SS15 show at London Collections: Men

We like to think that we are one step ahead of our customers, not three steps.

A look from the AW14 Hackett show

A look from the AW14 Hackett show