The most glamorous event on the racing calendar returns next week. Aside from thundering hooves and hopeful bets, what can we expect?


Edie Campbell will be competing in the Ladies Day Magnolia Cup once again

Edie Campbell will be competing in the Ladies Day Magnolia Cup once again

To rely on what I imagine is a much overused journalistic device, I'm going to say that it's quite simply all in the name, glorious! Residing in the infinitely Instagram friendly South Downs, Glorious Goodwood has long been one of the greatest go-to social events of the season, a perfect mixture of quintessential Britishness and the informal mischief that comes with racing. 

This year numbers are once again set to exceed 100,000 throughout the five day festival which one would assume will create a national shortage of strawberries and Pimms. The Secret Garden will be open to guests of the Richmond Enclosure for the second year running - the quaint English garden setting making for a perfect pitstop between races or restaurants...

The festival runs between the 29th July and the 2nd August, all eyes will be on Thursday's Ladies Day and perhaps more precisely, The Magnolia Cup. The race will kick proceedings off at 1:45pm and if you can refrain from popping champagne corks for long enough you'll catch none other than supermodel and Ladies Day ambassador Edie Campbell galloping past accompanied by a host of well dressed ladies. This years Magnolia Cup owes its photogenic and fashion blog friendly nature to the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Sarah Burton. 

If you're attending Glorious Goodwood please do come and say a big hello and if you're not attending, why on earth not?!

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Words by Louis A. W. Sheridan