Say what you will about first impressions but the harsh reality is that when meeting new people, whether possible suitors or employers, more often than not, your smile speaks louder than your CV - maybe we're just biased but hey, why not hedge your bets?

Thankfully, we reside in an age where practically anything is fixable, your smile included. Enter Elleven Dentistry.

Nestled in a dashing old townhouse just off Harley Street (Devonshire Place to be precise) the practice has had many a tongue wagging over the last few years. This is in part due to the ever-growing list of awards being amassed by the practice but perhaps more correctly attributed to the unparalleled service from some of the worlds best dentists.

This is truly professional dentistry, but dentistry delivered in an altogether more palatable format, one in which the environment and ambience are as important as your molars and canines. From the moment I set foot inside I felt at ease, sinking into the soft surroundings of what can only very loosely be described as a waiting room and more aptly a luxurious living room, I felt as though I was calling in on old friends. After being plied with water and magazines I was led to an upper floor of the building by one of the unfalteringly warm members of staff. 

Not having learnt that curiosity killed the cat, I am renowned for asking questions, often too many. At Elleven each of my quandaries and queries were answered expertly and with in-depth knowledge whether on the subject of Orthodontics or the architectural history (the fireplace in the hygienists room really is a sight to behold!). By the time I left the practice I not only felt more confident in my canines but also more clued up on the treatments I'd received and those proposed.

The main treatment room (pictured) was something of a personal highlight - inhabited by Dr Peta Leigh whose warmth perfectly reflected the inviting, sedate surroundings, the room really did feel as though afternoon tea was imminent - praise of the highest, naturally.

With such unique, sumptuous surroundings it's easy to forget the vast array of dental options available at Elleven, the treatments are practically endless and it seems that anything, at least orally, is possible. The practice plays host to a number of top clinicians all specialists in varying areas each with their own dedicated string of patients, many of whom fly in and out of London especially.

I for one have found my new home, unfortunately not literally as I'm now a firm fan of the decor but all the same, expect to find me reclining in comfort on your visit to Elleven.

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Elleven Dentistry Harley Street London Review Information 

Dentistry delivered in an altogether more palatable format, one in which the environment and ambience are as important as your molars and canines.