Your style is on point but self-confidence is still MIA. Sound familiar? If you know where to spend your time and money, you'll be leading the pack before your self-help ebook has finished downloading. The finishing touches make all the difference and achieving them is as easy as one, two, three.

The Key to Great Locks

Daniel Galvin, Kensington

Let's start at the top, quite literally. It's a universal truth that a good hair day is a good day full stop. Your hair, love it or loathe it, deserves only the best. The problem (isn't there always a problem?) is that finding a salon you can trust is no mean feat. What you need is a place where you feel relaxed enough to speak your mind - "don't even think about cracking out the clippers" - and really switch off. Enter Daniel Galvin's newest outpost in Kensington; all handsome wooden floors and look-at-me marble, it's a triumph of both form and function and the stylists are superb with the scissors. Get on the phone and ask for Cheryl - you'll never look back.

W8, London (0203 544 6535) 

Face Your Fears

Agua Bathhouse & Spa, Mondrian London

Mondrian London hotel at sea containers spa tom dixon discover and escape

The first response when you're told that you look tired is of course "f*** off". However, it's the second, more considered response that's most important - what are you actually going to do about your weather-worn, weary complexion? The solution lies at Mondrian's Tom Dixon-designed Agua Bathhouse and Spa. The overtly futuristic interiors will have you feeling zen-like in seconds and the steam alone will probably strip away a few day's worth of smog, but you're here for the real deal: the Deep Cleanse Cure. Billed as the next best thing to a facelift and clocking in with a generous 80 minutes of face time you'll leave hydrated, rejuvenated and enamoured by the bizarre copper centrepiece.

SE1, London (020 3747 1000)

Smile High Club

Harley Street Dental Clinic

Coffee, Malbec and acidic fruit – no, not the makings of a peculiar new tipple but the sworn enemies of your teeth. According to an unnecessarily large number of surveys, your smile is one of the first things noticed by the opposite sex and so all the more reason to make sure it's as bright as can be. Head over to Harley Street Dental Studio for a spot of Enlighten teeth whitening in a surprisingly unstuffy setting. The treatment combines in-house sessions with take-home trays, though we can't guarantee your home set-up will be quite as lavish.

W1, London (020 3393 3621)