Giles Deacon Interview - Giles SS15 - Discover and Escape - words by Louis Sheridan, LouisAws, Louis A W Sheridan

When perusing the LFW Schedule there are more than a few names that stand out, but it's fair to say that few generate quite as much excitement as GILES. With something of a media storm surrounding his shows, we felt it necessary to get the insider info from the man himself this time around.

Where have you drawn influence and inspiration for your new collection?

For my S/S 15 collection I was inspired by the truly wonderful work of the American artist Walton Ford, I love the way his naturalistic paintings fluctuate between the comic and the sinister and I have tried to emulate the contradiction within the collection being one of playfulness and beauty.

Does that mean we can expect to see some of the beautifully bright flamingos from the resort collection?

The flamingos from resort will be appearing in new guise for the pre fall 2015,which I have to have designed and finished in about 4 weeks after the September show!

You have a habit of switching things up drastically season-to-season, how does the SS15 collection differ from previous seasons?

I have a creative brand and I believe in ideas, trying new things and exploring new areas, while hopefully not alienating anyone from a business perspective. There are always recurring elements and silhouettes within all of my collections but I hate the idea of collections just being regurgitated. Design and fashion is about change and that is what I love.

With that in mind, who is your new collection aimed at?

The typical Giles customer is looking for pieces that have a flamboyant accessibility that operate outside of the general world of fashion trends. They tend to be various ages but due to economics, around the age of 30 and above with an interest in the art, music and design world.

Speaking of different worlds, you entered the world of social media in a huge way with your  A/W14 show including household names and technological trends. What does social media mean to you?

I love and am fascinated with social media, like anything, when it becomes formulaic it becomes uninteresting so I rather like to wait for something special and or unique and really pump that.

Who else should we look out for at London Fashion Week?

I am a huge fan of Simone Rocha who is doing very very well and Sibling - a group of my friends who produce a fantastic knitwear collection for men and women.

And as for models, who would you say are your models of the moment?

It is great to see girls you have known and worked with for a while do incredibly well, like Cara Delevingne and Edie Campbell. A new favourite is a Geordie girl called Doug who I think is going to be very successful.

How important is London to womenswear?

I think London women are some of the most consistently and interestingly dressed people I see and the influence on fashion is huge. From ladies in Mayfair to gig-goers in Camden, the key as ever to London is creativity, individuality and diversity.

What inspires you outside of fashion?

I spend my free time, swimming, drawing and seeing friends and of course visiting some of London's incredible galleries and museums like the V&A and The Wallace Collection. 

If you could choose anybody, past or present, who would you most like to dress?

It would be Kate Bush; an incredible artist with a phenomenal vision who I imagine would be full of interesting avenues to explore.

And finally, what’s next after the show, some downtime or straight back to the studio?

I'm flying to Milan the morning after the show, then looking forward to a trip to Norfolk the following weekend for a mini-break. Then it's back to work on my Pre-Fall collection which needs to be designed by the end of November.


Watch the GILES SS15 show live here on Monday at 18:00

Words by Louis A. W. Sheridan

Giles Deacon Interview - Giles SS15 - Discover and Escape - words by Louis Sheridan, LouisAws, Louis A W Sheridan
Giles Deacon Interview - Giles SS15 - Discover and Escape - words by Louis Sheridan, LouisAws, Louis A W Sheridan