Bicycles, balls and ice cream

What better way to kick off British Polo Day than with a Brompton Bicycle Polo match? That being said, things got rather heated out there on two wheels so everyone was relieved when things progressed to the four hoofed variety.  Among the guests were the Duke of Argyll, Lady Violet and Lady Alice Manners and the Marquess of Blandford, all of whom took great pleasure in croquet and ice cream at the Harrods garden party. Speaking of none equine distractions, rumour has it that some individuals were more concerned with Theo Randall's three-course menu than the matches results (Qatar Airways British Exiles team drew 5–5 with the Royal Salute Commonwealth team). Those that remained standing after a days frivolities and indulgence trotted on over to the afterparty were things got a little more raucous.