You're gliding across the atlantic at a heart-racing pace towards an exciting meeting or even better, a hard earned holiday. Your headphones play host to your favourite album, the seat pocket in front of you holds this month's glossy's and a new book. All is well with the world, but my oh my you wish you could just lay down and stretch your legs.... You're on the dreaded red-eye, we've all been there and yes, we all remember it - for better or for worse.

There's no escaping the eye wateringly early flight times and the stresses of squeezing your life in to a suitcase but there are certainly ways to alleviate the inflight dullness and discomfort. Enter, First Class.

British Airways will be giving its Club World customers the chance to upgrade to First for on selected flights from September 4 to December 12. The offer, open to all customers travelling in the British Airways’ Club World cabin will allow you to upgrade on one leg of your journey, meaning access to First lounges, fine wines and Champagnes, an a la carte menu and fully bespoke service which to summarise, means that you can work, sleep and dine as you please. 

Take it from us, this is a gift from above. After all it's the little luxuries that matter - along with the champagne of course.

Outbound travel is between September 4 and December 31, 2014 and inbound travel must be completed by January 7, 2014.
For further information visit To book call British Airways on 0844 493 0787 or speak to a travel agent and request the upgrade at the time of booking.