Sometimes the best ideas don't always sound quite so appealing on paper, Alexander Wang's latest show inspiration could not be a more suitable example. Taking inspiration from, or in fact "fetishising" sneakers and transforming them into wearable clothing seems like a rather ghastly idea and the premise would likely scare even the most devoted sneaker addict. It is therefore with great pleasure that I pronounce Wang's translation of his chosen theme, a resounding success!

Who'd have thought seeing the classic Adidas Stan Smith in dress form could ever be so visually pleasing. As the first few looks came and went it quickly became apparent that Wang had tapped in to something of an inspiration goldmine. Textures tones and silhouettes all borrowed and reappropriated the industries favourite sneakers and helped them evolve in to highly wearable and more importantly highly covetable pieces.

Highlights were the pleated tennis skirts and of course the electrifying mesh dresses both of which will undoubtedly inspire buyers and fans in a way that only sneakers can. Wang has returned and he's doing what he does best, contemporary cool with wit.